Der Suchard Express: Genuss in 100 x 14,5 g Portionen

The Suchard Express: enjoyment in 100 x 14.5 g portions

Whether it's a pick-me-up in the morning or a leisurely break in the evening - a chocolate drink is always a delicious idea. And when it comes to chocolate enjoyment, there is hardly a better-known and more popular brand than Suchard. The Suchard Express is the perfect solution for anyone who loves chocolate and craves a delicious chocolate drink. With 100 portions of 14.5 g each, it not only offers taste explosions, but also a long-lasting supply of chocolate joy.

Chocolate drink for every occasion

The Suchard Express is a versatile companion. Whether you dissolve it in hot milk to stay warm on cold days or stir it into cold milk to refresh yourself on summer days, it is always a good choice. Its rich chocolate flavor is irresistible and reminiscent of the premium chocolate Suchard is famous for. The 100 small 14.5g portions are perfectly portioned to increase enjoyment and ensure you always have the right amount.

Easy to prepare

Preparing Suchard Express is incredibly easy. Simply pour a portion into a cup, add hot or cold milk and stir well. In just a few moments you will have a delicious chocolate drink that will put a smile on your face. The chocolate powder dissolves easily and leaves no lumps, so you can enjoy your drink without worry.

Perfect for young and old

The 100 servings of Suchard Express are ideal for families or offices where everyone can prepare their own chocolate drink as they like. Children love the sweet taste, and adults appreciate Suchard's high-quality chocolate. It's a great way to treat yourself or impress your guests with a special chocolate drink.


The Suchard Express is the ideal companion for all chocolate lovers. With 100 x 14.5 g portions, it not only offers a generous amount, but also incomparable taste. Whether you enjoy it with hot or cold milk, this chocolate drink will enchant your senses and introduce you to the taste of premium Suchard chocolate. Prepare for unforgettable moments of pleasure and treat yourself to the sweet joy of the Suchard Express!

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