Terms and Conditions (GTC)

1. General points

1.1. The online shop www.meno-shop.com is an offer with Meno cleaning Yilmaz Enis.

1.2. The General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "GTC") regulate all conditions and services between Meno Reinigungs Yilmaz Enis and its customers.

1.3. All correspondence should be emailed to info@meno-shop.com .

2. Offer and conclusion of the contract

2.1. The offers in the online shop www.meno-shop.com are aimed at customers of legal age and capable of acting who are resident in Switzerland. They are provided without obligation and therefore do not constitute binding offers.

2.2. The customer receives a non -binding order confirmation . In particular , Meno Cleaning Yilmaz Enis reserves the right to refuse orders for an item if the quantities exceed normal household consumption . The order is only binding with the confirmation of dispatch or the provision of the goods for collection.

2.3 In order to be able to place an order and/or request information about certain products , the customer must first register with a personal customer account or as a visitor to www.meno-shop.com log in. For this purpose, the customer, whether placing an order or not, must provide his username (e-mail address), first and last name, address of residence registered with the authorities , date of birth and provide a valid phone number. In the case of purchases via the individual customer account, he must also set a password .

3. Order and Delivery

3.1. Orders are placed on the website www.meno-shop.com . If, after confirmation of the order, it turns out that an article cannot be delivered, the order is simply canceled without the customer being able to assert any further claims .

3.2. The delivery time specified in the offer or in the order confirmation is only a non-binding indication. In the event that Meno Cleaning Yilmaz Enis cannot meet a delivery date, the customer may cancel the order by notifying the Customer Center in writing within 30 days of the order confirmation .

3.3 Meno cleaning Yilmaz Enis is entitled to partial deliveries. If only part of the ordered goods cannot be delivered, the customer is not entitled to cancel the entire order or to assert further claims .

3.4. Deliveries are made exclusively to addresses in Switzerland at the customer's expense and risk. Basically , the goods will only be delivered to the customer's address on the sidewalk .

3.5. If a collection period has been agreed, the customer must collect the ordered goods from the specified collection point within two weeks after notification of readiness for collection. Collection takes place during the normal opening hours of the specified collection point. If the goods are not picked up within the set period, Meno Reinigungs Yilmaz Enis is entitled to withdraw from the contract or to deliver the goods to the customer at the customer's expense. In both cases, Meno cleaning Yilmaz Enis can demand compensation for the measures taken .

3.6. The customer is obliged to check immediately whether the delivered /collected goods are as ordered, complete and in perfect condition. Damage to the delivered/collected goods must be reported to the transport company and Meno Reinigungs Yilmaz Enis as soon as possible , but no later than five calendar days after delivery. In the event of a complaint , all parts of the original packaging must be kept . The customer may only dispose of them with the written consent of the transport company or Meno Reinigungs Yilmaz Enis .

4. Prices

4.1. Meno Cleaning Yilmaz Enis has the right to change its prices at any time . The price that was published on the day of the order applies . Price changes that occur after the order has been placed will not be taken into account.

4.2 All in the online shop www.meno-shop.com published prices are in Swiss francs including Value Added Tax (VAT) and Advance Recycling Tax (ARF). Additional costs ( e.g. postage, packaging, surcharges for certain payment methods) are not included in the price. They are listed separately and may be charged extra. We reserve the right to make technical changes, errors and misprints .

5. Terms of payment and retention of title

5.1. The ones in the online shop www.meno-shop.com specified payment methods accepted. Meno Cleaning Yilmaz Enis can exclude any of these payment methods in general or for certain customers without having to justify its decision . Meno cleaning Yilmaz Enis is entitled to charge surcharges for certain payment methods . Meno Reinigungs Yilmaz Enis reserves the right to make inquiries about the customer's creditworthiness and to pass on the customer's data to third parties for this purpose.

5.2 When purchasing by direct debit or credit card, the amount will be debited on the day of the order, and the customer's data will be transmitted in encrypted form . In the case of advance payment, the order will only be placed once the corresponding amount has been received by Meno Reinigungs Yilmaz Enis. During this time , the desired items can not be reserved . In the event of delivery problems, it may happen that the goods with the status "in stock" are not immediately available at the time of the order . If the payment is not received by Meno Cleaning Yilmaz Enis within five days, Meno Cleaning Yilmaz Enis can cancel the order. If it has been agreed that the customer will collect the ordered goods from a Meno Reinigungs Yilmaz Enis collection point, the purchase price including all ancillary costs must be paid in full at that time.

5.3. The products delivered by Meno cleaning Yilmaz Enis or collected by the customer remain the property of Meno cleaning Yilmaz Enis until Meno cleaning Yilmaz Enis has received the full purchase price (including all additional costs). The customer undertakes to treat the products with care as long as they are the property of Meno Reinigungs Yilmaz Enis.

6. Returns, Warranty and Repairs

6.1. Return and Exchange Policy

In principle, the customer has no right of return or exchange. The return of items is possible in certain cases under the decision of Meno Cleaning Yilmaz Enis . An exchange is not possible . The return of an article is only possible within two weeks (14 calendar days ) after receipt of the goods . The time of delivery / collection of the goods is decisive.

The return must always be made via the at www.meno-shop.com available contact information can be requested.

6.2. Scope of the Guarantee

Meno cleaning Yilmaz Enis grants the customer a guarantee on the products purchased. In the event of a warranty claim (i.e. if the defect in a product occurs before or after the product or goods are handed over to the customer, or if the defect already existed beforehand), the customer is entitled to claim damages or from the contract to resign . The choice of measures is left to Meno Reinigungs Yilmaz Enis . If Meno Reinigungs Yilmaz Enis chooses to withdraw from the contract, the customer is to be reimbursed for the replacement value. The guarantee excludes: - damage caused by natural elements; - damage caused by moisture; - Damage caused by bumps or falls; - natural wear and tear;

The warranty according to the law is completely excluded .

6.3. Warranty Period and Manufacturer's Guarantee

 The delivery note serves as a guarantee card. The latter must be carefully preserved .

6.4. Steps to take in the event of a product defect

In the event of a defect not covered by the warranty, the customer should contact Meno Cleaning Yilmaz Enis Customer Service. The right to reimbursement for repairs by third parties is excluded. The customer must return or ship the defective product to the address of Meno Reinigungs Yilmaz Enis at his own expense and risk . The products must be returned or shipped with all accessories in the original packaging and with the proof of purchase/delivery note enclosed . In the absence of the original packaging, the product must be packed for proper transport. If a returned product is found not to be under warranty ( exclusion or expired warranty period), a repair estimate will be generated automatically . This can be charged to the customer. If the customer decides for a repair , the cost estimate will not be charged. If the customer does not respond to the estimate in time, the product will be discarded. Returned products that are not defective, that are sent to an incorrect address and that have not been pre- arranged for return by the customer and/or that have defective packaging or are not accompanied by any accessories may be returned to the customer be sent back. In these cases, it is up to Meno Reinigungs Yilmaz Enis or the third party to demand compensation for the measures taken .

7. Liability

Claims for damages arising from the impossibility of performance, from a positive breach of contract, from culpa in contrahendo and from tort are excluded, unless there is intent or gross negligence . Liability for indirect and consequential damage resulting from use, insufficient performance or loss of performance is excluded.

8. Individual Advertising

By opening a customer account on www.meno-shop.com , the customer accepts individualized advertising. He can withdraw from this at any time by contacting us . In addition, he can also unsubscribe from each individualized e-mail and newsletter by clicking on the unsubscribe link .

9. Privacy

By registering on www.meno-shop.com you can create a customer profile. Purchase data can be used in this way. During the visit, information is collected in the log files and assigned to the customer profile . The collected customer data can be used for marketing and advertising purposes as well as for statistical purposes (e.g. market research).

10. Jurisdiction, Applicable Law

These general terms and conditions can be changed at any time . Swiss law applies exclusively . Jurisdiction is either the customer's place of residence or the seat of Meno cleaning Yilmaz Enis in Cressier (FR) .

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