Soleckri - Köstliche und Naturbelassene Brotaufstriche und Saucen aus Leidenschaft

Soleckri - Delicious and natural spreads and sauces made with passion

In a world where the quality of what we eat is becoming increasingly important, it is refreshing to come across companies that put their passion and heart into producing healthy and tasty food. This is exactly what Soleckri embodies, a family-run manufacturer that makes a promise with its brand: to create unique products with the best organic ingredients.

The Soleckri story

Soleckri has been active since 2022 and has since been on a mission to create delicious and natural spreads and sauces. Founded by a family who share a passion for cooking and high-quality, healthy food, this factory strives to pack the best local products into their jars and bring them to Swiss tables in delicious form.

What sets Soleckri apart from many other manufacturers is their commitment to sustainability and environmental friendliness. They select the best organic plants, use plastic-free packaging and actively recycle their packaging. This is an example of the responsibility they take for our environment.

Healthy and tasty products

Soleckri has a clear goal in mind: to bring healthy, tasty and satisfying products to our tables and yours. You want to add variety to your daily diet and at the same time support local agriculture. This philosophy is evident in their spreads and sauces, which are characterized by a careful selection of the best organic ingredients and artisanal production.

Soleckri products undergo extensive consumer and laboratory testing and proudly bear the ORGANIC brand certificate. This means that the products are wholesome and their nutritional information and composition are available on the label and on their website or on .

Handmade spreads and sauces

The history of Soleckri began with the introduction of pastes that are ideal as a spread, but can also serve as the main base for pasta dishes or salads. These pastes are so versatile and delicious that they shouldn't be missing from your store.

The Soleckri range is constantly growing. In the future, they plan to also introduce sandwich sauces to add even more variety to your meals.

Soleckri products at a glance

Let's take a look at some of the products Soleckri offers:

  1. ORGANIC GOLDEN CURRY: A mild and aromatic curry paste made from white beans and chickpeas, seasoned with herbs and spices such as turmeric, curry, grated ginger and fresh parsley. It gets its unusual texture from sliced ​​Swiss apples.

  2. ORGANIC TOMATOES – ENJOYMENT: An aromatic tomato paste with the addition of rice. The main ingredients are carrots, chickpeas and high-quality tomato passata, which offer a unique Mediterranean taste experience.

  3. ORGANIC RED BEANS ORIGINAL: A unique and aromatic red bean paste made from red beans and chickpeas, fried onions, green olive oil and a special blend of spices.

  4. ORGANIC FLAMING CURRY: A spicy and very aromatic version of curry paste, based on white beans, chickpeas, apples, chili peppers, grated ginger and fresh parsley.

Soleckri is an example of a company that not only produces high-quality food, but also protects the environment and supports local agriculture. If you are looking for healthy, tasty and sustainable food, you should definitely try Soleckri products. Their taste and quality will convince you and you can be sure that you are making a responsible choice.

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