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Blaser Cafe Lussuria (1000g)

Blaser Cafe Lussuria (1000g)

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Blaser Cafe Lussuria beans in a 1000g bag is an optimal blend of 60% Arabica beans from Central Africa and 40% Robusta from Indonesia, India and Brazil. The coffee has a perfect crema formation and has a slightly higher caffeine content.

The taste of the dark roasted Blaser coffee Lussuria is strong, with a chocolaty finish and a slightly nutty note. Because of the really good harmony of roasting and blending and last but not least because of the 40% robust part, which is responsible for the "body" of the coffee, the coffee is excellent for the production of café crème as well as for espresso and cappuccino and latte macchiato.

Blaser Espresso Lussuria is excellent for preparing coffee and coffee drinks in the fully automatic coffee machine. It is also ideal for use in the portafilter machine, in the espresso maker and in the French press if you have a way of grinding the beans accordingly.
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